2023 Art Competition

JUDGE: Kathryn Hansen


Best of Show
“Continental Reflections” 14×17”
Emma Linehan

Judges Notes: This amazing piece struck me immediately upon seeing it. And the more I viewed it the more I appreciated what a strong and well crafted design it was. The horizontal band of magenta on the hood led my eye right to the side where all those beautifully rendered and striking reflections resided. The reflections just packed such a mighty punch! I appreciated how the artist kept the surrounding areas of the car and background quiet and restrained to make the reflections shine even more. Fantastic piece that I couldn’t stop thinking about!

1st Place
“Sardines” 18×24”
Antony Benjamin

Judge’s Notes: It seems crazy that with being a vegetarian I would pick a can of sardines for first place, but this small ordinary object makes a huge impression! There is so much value in noticing the small things in life and appreciating all the delicious details in it. From the beautifully rendered tin can to the pleasing rhythm and movement of the fish, along with the harmonious limited palette made this such a dynamic drawing! I truly enjoyed viewing this piece again and again!

2nd Place
“Moe’s Christmas” 16×20”
Meg Merry

Judge’s Notes: Having cats, this is a scene I could absolutely relate to at the holidays when trying to decorate. But beyond that I really appreciated the creative angle of the composition and strong design of this soulful drawing. The artist captured the luminous reflected light from the glow of the string of  Christmas lights so elegantly. Beautiful handling of the light on his fur…so believable and mesmerizing. The mood and atmosphere of this piece is gorgeous and that’s why I kept coming back to enjoy it many, many times!

3rd Place
“Pema” 24×11”
Megan Seiter

Judge’s Notes: The symmetrical positioning with a single central focus evokes such a strong feeling. Along with the subtle influence of the grey background made this drawing immediately stand out to me. The sensual shapes and intricate patterns are rendered perfectly. It has such a beautiful rhythm and movement, which unifies the entire piece. A gorgeous, outstanding drawing, very worthy of an award.

Editor’s Choice
“Hydrangeas in the Morning Dew” 9×12”
Jessica Siegel

Editor’s Notes: A busy composition such as this can easily end up a confused mass, but Jessica perfectly dissected each element for clarity with light and shadow. I love how each waterdrop reflects the bright morning sun while the shadows of the petals create that pop-from-the-page illusion. Each color transition was rendered with a delicate touch, and I can almost feel the artist’s joy in its completion.

Random Winner
“Entangled” 16×20”
Mario Esbri


Honorable Mention
“Sock Monkeys” 18×24”
Candis McKinzie

Honorable Mention
“Sleight of Hand” 14.5×17.3”
Michael Freeman

Honorable Mention
“49 Ford Woody Wagon” 12×19”
John Guiseppi

Honorable Mention
“Ye Olde Lamp” 10.5×8”
Jen Urquhart

Honorable Mention
“The Dog and her Human” 11.5×10”
Abraham Tovar

Honorable Mention
“Winterblues” 8.5×11.5”
Jim O’Neill


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