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Best of Show
“2020″ 23.5×15”
ChuChu Cao 

1st Place
“Oh! You Pretty Things” 22×15”
Julie Podstolski 

2nd Place
“On the Wall” A3
Christina Hanke

3rd Place
“Ginger Snaps” 50×50cm”
Darren Hughes

Editor’s Choice
“Pineapple Delight” 24×30”
Jocelyn Brandow 

Random Winner
“Tawny Owl”
Carol Leather


“The Dance of the Leaves” 29.5cm x 39.5cm”
Paco Martin

“Slow but Steady” 8×8″
Sarah Coghan

“Tiny Artist” 8×10″
Claudette Webb

“Scales and Bark” 18.5 x 26.5″
France Bauduin

“Dolores” 20×26
Megan Seiter

“Girl’s Best Friend” 9×12″
Lianne Elliot

– 2020 GALLERY –

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