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Susan Rubin

I am a contemporary botanical artist teaching classes and workshops and working in colored pencil since 1990.

Megan Seiter

I specialize in colored pencil still life realism, building light layers of color in each drawing to add depth and luminosity

Robin Rudolph

I love creating realistic work – portraits, flowers, animals, birds, still life. Commissions welcome.

Kristin Yaremko

An aspiring colored pencil artist who mainly creates animal and human portrait drawings from reference.

Dianne Mayne Art

Passionate using colored pencil, graphite, pastel or charcoal in drawings and paintings with watercolors, acrylics and inks.


Wildlife and Feng Shui Artist/Photography. Everything in my line of vision I see art and color. Keep your life colorful.

Pearl de Chalain

Born in South Africa with a pencil in my hand, I enjoy the challenge of realism, capturing the essence of a subject.

Mindy Lighthipe

I am an artist who draws the beauty of nature. I work in colored pencil, watercolor, and printmaking. I teach online classes.

David Neace

I am a Master Colored Pencil artist and I do vintage cars, landscapes, reflections and trains.

Crystal Wolfe

Pet portrait artist turning your image into a colored pencil treasure. Contact me today via my website! Thank you!

April SunBurst

Fascinated by and dedicated to wildlife, pet and portrait. April Chan, I am a coloured pencils fine art pursuer from HongKong

Aura Skugariene

My passion is to draw people portraits. I like to experiment with colored pencils and other mediums.

Jean Reiter

I am a colored pencil artist who’s inspired by nature—my subjects are florals and animals.

Carol E Maltby CPSA

I have been using colored pencil exclusively for the last fifteen years,

John Guiseppi

I love to create, produce and share art that allows others a glimpse into that secret world of detail and color that I see.

Angeles Glick

Self-taught artist who works in watercolor, acrylics and colored pencils. Prefers animal/people portraits in colored pencil

Susan Rubin

I am a contemporary botanical artist teaching classes and workshops and working in colored pencil since 1990.

Diana Hrabosky

Colored pencil is my first love as a self-taught, relatively new artist. How fun that there is so much to learn!

Rosie Michell

Constantly amazed and inspired by others. Am always challenging myself to learn and develop my art. Love drawing and doodling.

Danette Smith

I am a self taught artist who does realistic drawings using colored pencils and pyrography.

Jocelyn Brandow

I specialize in photorealistic food and floral drawings in a wide range of sizes, including miniatures.

Silvia D’Almeida Art

Part time colored pencil artist who loves drawing portraits with realism. I like bringing to life the emotions of the subject.

Maria Villioti

Award winning realist painter working with colored pencils and graphite. She loves painting portraits and cityscapes.

Vera Evseeva

Wildlife and domestic animal artist, work mostly in soft pastel. Open for commissions.

 Gloria Varela

I’m a recreational artist that works at an Elementary school in Chicago.

Mark Menendez

I am a nationally recognized travel teaching color pencil artist, portraitist & illustrator with over 40 years of experience.

Barbara Anne Hess

I am a self taught artist in colored pencils. My subjects are usually horses, cats, dogs and western themes.

Cynthia Knox, CPSA

Professional art instructor with workshops in the US, internationally & online as well as 15 published books.

Loretta Allison

Loretta specializes in animal and pet portraits using colored pencils, graphite pencils, and oils.

Aurelia Chaintreuil

Working with colored pencils, graphite & pastel. Drawing human & animal portraits, still life, flowers…Taking commissions.

P. Craig Ellertson

Wildlife artist & private art instructor working primarily in colored pencils and pastels. My goal is to preserve nature.

Margaret A. Trapnell

Pet Portraits are close to my heart, working from owner photographs to create a memory of a beloved companion.

Sandra Alder

Self-thought artist, love to paint with Color Pencils and all other kind of materials

Jacqueline South

Jacqueline loves drawing all subjects including animals, buildings and people, using pencils, pastels and watercolours.

Stephanie Davey

I’m an amateur realism artist who enjoys drawing portraits and other forms of nature from photographs.

Imai Atsushi

It returned to the first in 20 years in 2014. I draw pictures of gorgeous women rather than beautiful.

Terri Neal

I am a wildlife and pet artist that specializes in colored pencil.

Heidi Elizabeth Seal

Heidi is an artist from West Yorkshire, England who works in colour pencil and graphite capturing scenes from her travels.

Trudy Diment Artist

Pet portrait and wildlife artist. I love the fine details and eye reflections that can be captured with coloured pencils.

Jaclyn Murray

Love to create moments in time. They do fly by quickly….

Traci Loving

Artist and Teacher I love to work primarily with Colored Pencils but enjoy the challenge of mixed mediums of all kinds.

Hiroshi Ogawa

Colored pencil drawing that draws wind and light. I want to tell the splendor of drawing with lines

Karen Brady

Professional artist specializing in pet, equine & wildlife art. Classically trained with a BFA in Illustration.

Kim Stephens

I am a coloured pencil Artist, who loves to capture the spirit of an animal by putting pencil to paper.

Pamela Clements

Fine art and commissions in colored pencil and graphite. Captures serenity of nature in still life artworks. Love of animals.

Ednadis Munoz-Villafane

As an illustrator of my own story books, drawing with colored pencils has been source of pleasure and creativity for me.

Diane Masek-Blow

I am attracted to scenes that tell a story, and draw mostly subjects from nature or architecture.

Diane Stockton

I am retired from the medical field & now enjoy making art. My favorite subjects include floral, still life & animals.

Hare Brand Ideas – Jerald Pope

Illustrator working closely with the dreamer to make the imagined visible.

Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

International award winning coloured pencil artist and instructor specialising in animal art.

Erin Breneman

I’m a colored pencil artist, living in New Mexico. I specialize in botanical art, usually with black backgrounds.

Holly Bedrosian

Figurative art and portraiture in colored pencil. See my Instagram for in progress shots and videos.

Roksana Wojtasik

I’m a self-taught artist drawing with colored pencils and pastels. In my drawings you can find animals and nature

Peter W. Miller

Colored pencil gives me a creative opportunity to display accuracy while allowing for forgiveness.

Vanilla Arts Co. – Amy Shulke

Illustration & Instruction. Colored pencil over watercolor or marker. Beginner to advanced level online instruction.

Laura Steels Hitchcock

Colour Pencil and Pen & Ink Artist from Ontario Canada.

Cush Rutter

International professional artist working in coloured pencils and pastels, and specialising in animal art.

Judy K Lines-McFadden

I am a self taught artist working primarily in colored pencil and pastel at this time.

Stocker Kerstin

Animal, portrait and nature artist and private art teacher. My favorite motive is the beauty of nature.

Nancy Honaker

Art is my passion, specializing in colored pencil, drawing whatever inspires me in the moment leaving endless possibilities.

Diane Betz Granger

Portrait artist working in pastels, acrylics, and colored pencils. Art instructor of 27 years.

Patricia Gauss

I am a colored pencil artist in St. Petersburg, Florida. I love creating realistic drawings of a variety of subjects.

Debbie Wise Art

Creating art is my true passion in life. I love wildlife art and enjoy all mediums, especially colored pencils and pastels.

Daniela Mittermeier

I am an artist from Germany. I love drawing animals in colored pencils, pastels and others. Always trying something new.


Brenda Grate

Professional artist and art instructor. I paint in colored pencil, pastel and watercolor and specialize in wildlife portraits.

Hanneke Jevons

I have a great love for all the creatures of the earth and hope to artistically capture their spirit.


Bruce W Litterer

Self-taught artist, find wonder in Iowa rural life, through realistic farm life’s and wildlife’s with colored pencils.



Eileen Stevens

I specialise in pet portraits but enjoy creating artwork of endangered animals or more unusual views of animals


Steven Smith

Disabled Veteran starting creating color pencil art late in life. Recent focus is wildlife and endangered species.


Kevin Rogers CPCAM

I am a traditional style color pencil artist. I have a passion for history and Australian birds.



Paul Jones Fine Art

I am a pet, Equine and portrait artist, I draw both animal and people. I work only in coloured pencils.



I am a 32-year-old artist from Buffalo, New York who does traditional drawings and digital art.


Janette Stiles

I work in oils, acrylics, pastels and colored pencils; in many genres. I sell prints from my originals on my website.



Lianne Elliot’s Fine Art

I am a professional pet portrait artist & specialise in equine portraits using photos and bringing pets to life on the paper.


Sema Martin

NASA Aerospace Engineer to Fine Art Artist with an International Pet Portrait Business in the heart of the Brecon Beacons.


Philip Schorn

I’m a botanical color pencil artist that paints with the pencil. I create the realism as seen through the eye of an artist.



Deb Herbert Art/Hearthstone Studio

Professional Equine, Cowboy Art, Landscape and Portrait Artist. Honoring creation representing each unique soul with joy!


Anne Jacqueline Lazaroo

I am a self-taught artist. I do art as a hobby.


Laura Kayli Art

I am a self taught artist, focusing in colored pencils and graphite. I love drawing dogs and other animals.



Becker Historic Art

Chad Becker specializes in 18th Century colonial artwork, combining his love for history with his love of art.


Alice’s Pawtraits

I’m a Professional pet portrait & wildlife Artist from Sardinia (Italy) now based in Edinburgh (Scotland).



Joanna Hill

Professional artist, private art teacher and illustrator. My favorite mediums are colored pencil, oil paint, and gouache.



Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials is the largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the United States.


Paul Hinks

Professional artist specialising in pastel portraits of pets and wildlife.


Michelle S Martin

My art has no rules and is subjective to only me, I make what brings me joy.



Marion Reinke

Selftaught drawing Artist from Germany.
Working with coloured pencils and pastels, mainly portraits of pets and people.


Lisa Ann Watkins

Multi award winning artist & instructor specialising in coloured pencils & animal art.


Ashley Roll

I especially love drawing Aviary art but all Wildlife ignites my passion to create with a simple sharpened pencil tip.



David McGee as Devil Dog Art

I am a Marine, discharged honorably due to injuries. Self taught, using my art to heal and deal with my situations.


Cathy Choyce Fine Artistry

Cathy Choyce has the uncanny ability to reach in & touch your animal’s soul, transferring it into a cherished work of art.


Sue Grimm

I am a colored pencil artist in Wooster, Ohio.
I am inspired by animals, children, reflections, and old cars.


Christina Hanke

Self-taught artist from Germany.  I love doing animal drawings with colored pencils, graphite and pastel pencils.


Karen Jones

I am a colored pencil artist in San Diego CA. I am inspired by animals (wild and domestic) and my travels around the world.


Amanda Collins Fine Art

I am a colored pencil artist who primarily draws wildlife and custom pet portraits



Karen Sharp

I am a wildlife artist who loves the medium of colored pencil; creating ‘jewel like’ and “lifelike” images of animals


Jess Fletcher Fine Art

I’m a pet and equine artist however I also enjoy drawing other subjects too including wildlife and automotive art.


Farideh Afshani

I am a graphic designer and communication researcher but painting with colored pencil is like magic to me and gives me passion.


John Paul Sneed Artist

I’m a professional actor and free-lance artist. I love the arts. I enjoy using colored pencils, and acrylic paints.


Jason Morgan

I am a professional artist, my greatest love is teaching people my techniques through my videos.


Jennifer DiArenzo

Jennifer is a creative, who not only works in colored pencils, but also in paint, pyrography, hand lettering, and design.


Sally J. Smith

Sally is a self-taught artist with a passion for drawing wildlife and domestic animal portraits.


Anne Möller

I am a self-taught artist and photographer from Germany. I like to draw with pastels & colored pencils in combination.


Nadine Brauckmann

I am a pastel artist from Germany with a passion for animals, I love being able to bring them to life on paper.


Melanie Schauer

I am an artist from Germany and I paint animal portraits in pastel and acrylic.


Gina Leone Fine Art

Gina is a Pratt Institute Graduate who specializes in Pastel and Colored Pencil Portraits of animals.


Joanne Snook-Hann

Vintage items are the inspiration for my work. I feel that every piece, passed through the years, has a history and a story.


Stephanie Perry Art

I am an artist from the North East of England. I work in coloured pencil and aim to capture the personality of my subject


Linda Lee

 I am a fun- loving artist currently in training to become a colored pencil illustrator.


Penny and Pineapple – Allana Lee

Custom colored pencil portraits.


Dave Harder

I am a trained graphic designer that fell in love with colored pencils and love the look they give you.


Cathy Settle

UK Pet portrait and animal artist. Loves to capture fine details and the glint in their eyes.


Chere A. Jackson

As an artist my primary goal is to capture the beauty, mystery and humor of God’s creations in everyday life.


Olga Díaz

Artist from Spain, specializing in pastel. Love colors and animals.


Carolin Behnke – Vitas Artworks

I am a professional and self taught pet and wildlife artist from germany.


Jacqueline Mahan

Person, pet or clock – if it has a face, I’m happy to paint it. New York based artist; mixes love with color in several media.

Ami Schütz

Professional pet and wildlife artist from Germany specializing and teaching in coloured pencils and graphite.

Sandrine Curtiss

Sandrine enjoys exploring as many mediums and subjects as she can, but specializes in colored pencil animals on black paper.


Barb Sotiropoulos

I am a Canadian artist and graphic designer creating colored pencil and mixed media illustrations.

Lorri Dixon

I love learning, exploring, and creating realistic artwork with colored pencils!

Lori Seward

Capturing the beauty of the natural world is the primary focus of my art.

Gemma Duffield

I am a self taught artist with a passion for animals, I love being able to bring them to life on paper.

Gray Ghost Creations

A wildlife artist who works with unique and unusual animals.

Harriet Bevan

Harriet Bevan is an emerging artist from the North of England, best known for her portraits of cats.

Amber Pierson

I am captivated by the Desert Southwest. Translating light, color and history with the colored pencil, makes me very happy.

Randy Mackey Art

I’m a self-taught artist with a love for nature. I work primarily in Colored Pencil. My style is realism in various subjects.

Jerald Pope

Quasi-professional artist/writer of books for all types/ages of humans. Only Art can save the World, but you must choose!

Sarah Bowsher

Self taught coloured pencil artist finding inspiration in the colour we find around us.

Kathy Sieloff

I am a colored pencil artist living in the southwest desert. The desert, my family and my rose garden are my inspiration.

Lisa Bliss Rush

I am a colored pencil artist living in rural northern Indiana, capturing life one pencil stroke at a time.

Margien Burns

I was born with a passion for art and delight in creating both realistic and whimsical colored pencil paintings.

Merry Cibula

Art and animals–two loves in my life. I’m excited by color, composition, a new way of seeing my subject to bring it alive.


Jesse Lane

Professional portrait and figurative artist. Learn to turn your colored pencil into fine art at my workshops across the US..

Paco Martin

I have been passionate about colored pencils since I was a child. I like realism and the beauty of everyday objects.

Lynn Gillespie (Fuller)

Full-time artist, specializing in Wildlife, Pet Portraits, Landscape, fauna, Abstract. Coloured Pencil, Pastel, Acrylic


Ashley King of Studio429

I am an intuitive artist specializing in colored pencil animal portraits, and Inktense Oracle Card creation.

Margaret Minardi

My artwork focuses on subjects such as infertility, adoption, identical twins, and upbringin in Trinidad, and bi-polar disease.


Jelly Massee’s Gallery

A Canadian colored pencil artist, portraits, pets and still life’s. Commissions welcome.

Robin Rudolph

I create realistic work and enjoy drawing portraits, flowers, animals, birds and landscapes. Commissions Welcome.


Jessica Strobietto

I’m an ambitious and constantly evolving colored pencil artist, with a magnetic connection to the sense of wonder.

Donna Yarbrough

I love colored pencil and working with them. I have many more hobbies too – stained glass, woodworking, and photography.


Thomas B McKean

I’m a self taught artist who uses art as my way of expressing what I love and how I’m feeling.

Travis J. Sylvester

Colored pencil artist out of the Salt Lake City area. I like fish

Natalie Cozzi Fine Art

I’m inspired by animals and their personalities, especially therapy pets. I use colored pencil, oil and acrylic paint.

Wendy Layne

Professional artist working and teaching in a variety of mediums and specializing in colored pencil portraits.

Jennifer Slouha

Jennifer Slouha specializes in automotive artwork but also creates art in many other subjects.

Karen Hull

Full time artist, illustrator and tutor who loves creating coloured pencils artworks with humour, emotion, colour and realism.

Jill Velasco

I am an artist/educator and a lifelong lover of all things art whose work focuses on the beauty of flora and fauna.


Leonie M. Meyer

I am a self-described bird nerd as I love photographing and drawing birds. Coloured pencils are a great passion of mine. Specializing, with loving care, in animals using colored pencil on suede matboard.

Imagination Creations by tms

Tara is an illustrator who enjoys creating whimsical imaginative art. She is an art instructor in her Eastern PA community.

Holly Bedrosian

Realistic figurative fine art and portraiture in colored pencil and oil.

Kitty Dodd. Fine Art Animal Artist

Specializing, with loving care, in animals using colored pencil on suede matboard.


Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D.

Artist, Coloring Book Illustrator, Editor, and Publisher.


Bronwyn Kenna Art

As an artist I use various tools and mediums to capture the beauty around me, preserving it, so it may always be enjoyed.


Illustrations by Shannagh-leigh

Illustrations by Shannagh-leigh

Qualified artist and animator specialising in equine a pet portraiture using water soluble coloured pencils.


Valorie Sams Fine Art

Colored pencil and pastel artist.



Alyona Nickelsen

Alyona Nickelsen is an artist and the author of “Colored Pencil Painting Bible” and “Colored Pencil Painting Portraits” books.