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 Featured Artist |  Award Winner |  Contributor

Pam Kromenacker

I am a colored pencil artist that enjoys drawing the people and places around me.

Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials is the largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the United States.


Jesse Lane

Professional Colored Pencil Artist, Represented by RJD Gallery.

Wendi Gunter

A country girl, my artwork centers on, but is not limited to, my favorite and most familiar subject- the horse.

John Guiseppi – CPSA

To create, produce and share art that allows others a glimpse into that secret world of color and detail that I see.

Carol E. Matlby

I do realistic drawings in colored pencil on 3 ply plate Bristol board.

Crystal Wolfe

I’m an artist with a color pencil passion! Especially enjoy commissioned portraits of people and pets. Having so much fun!

Jim O’Neill

Jim O’Neill is a colored pencil and graphite artist. Through my artwork, I portray in the moment, preserving them in time.

Lyette Roussille

As a self taught artist, I have found that Coloured Pencil work is the medium I like most.

Pauline Acalin

Graphite and colored pencil artist inspired by the human ingenuity behind spacecraft.

Lorri Lynn Dixon, CPSA, AWA

Award winning and published artist, focused on realism using colored pencil. Esp love to include tiny details in pieces.

Terry Mellway – Pencil & Brush Studio

As a self taught artist, I have found that Coloured Pencil work is the medium I like most.

Becker Historic Art

A realistic portrait artist, I enjoy drawing subjects that capture moments in time, both modern and historical.


My philosophy: “sublimate animal nature, adding a graphic touch”.
I create originals and now offer online courses…

Marsha Gilger

Lifetime artist. Published: Strokes of Genius, Best of Colored Pencil, CP Cats & Dogs, CP Treasures, Hidden Treasures.

Holly Bedrosian

As a portrait artist, I use specific details in expression, clothing, and pose to evoke the essence of my subjects.

Christine Dion

Professional fine artist specializing in colored pencil realism and published in several international books.

Heidi Elizabeth Seal

Colour Pencil Artist inspired by nature and the world around her, creating drawings of wildlife, landscapes and architecture.

Andrea Seidl

I enjoy drawing almost anything from portraits to landscapes, but pets and animals are my favorites.

Tina Sue Norris

I am a professional traveling art instructor who enjoys sharing and learning with other artists.

Amii Harwood

Award winning coloured pencil artist. Specialising in capturing the character of much-loved animals.

Michelle Farmer Art

I love capturing the beauty and details of Australian nature in coloured and pastel pencil, and watercolour, on paper.

Lori Martin

Portrait artist. I enjoy capturing the personality and emotion of the person or animal.

Lori VanKirk Schue

Lori is a professional and award-winning artist and author. Her work includes fine art, visual communications, art curriculum.

Emily L Cassidy

I create realistic, expressive animal portraits. My artwork allows the viewer to visually feel the animals’ personality.

Paula Williams

Each piece of art I create exists as a tribute to the ordinary enchantment of our everyday lives.

Art By The Baileys

Brian & Leane create realistic drawings of pets, wildlife, and landscape scenes using coloured pencil, and pastel. (Canada

Andrea Magnelli-Cook

Creating art from my love of animals, nature and travel in colored pencil, graphite and pen & ink.

Kathy Curtin

I am a colored pencil artist who draws as a hobby for now. I love trying new things and have used some pastel.

The Art of Robert McFetridge

Hyper-realistic sports, and portrait art in colored pencil, graphite, airbrush, and acrylic. Originals, prints, commissions.

Joel Armstrong

As a retired art professor, I spend my time working on various series, mostly created with colored pencils.

Naomi Jenkin Art

Professional wildlife artist, creating beautifully detailed pastel drawings that capture personality and tell a story.

Steve Gilbert

Retired from the oil business, I now pursue colored pencil art and travel photography (landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife).

KVleck Pencil Works

I am primarily a wildlife artist. My love of the outdoors has allowed me to create award-winning colored pencil art.

Peggy Magovern

I am primarily a portrait artist, using colored pencils for the face and chalk, wax, and oil pastels for the remaining space.

Everything Paws & Claws

As an artist I love nothing more than creating an everlasting memory of that special animal in your life.

Anne Jacqueline Lazaroo

I am a self-taught artist. An ex volunteer art teacher at a refugee school. Love working with colored pencils.

Heidi Elizabeth Seal

Heidi Elizabeth is a self-taught pencil artist from West Yorkshire who is inspired by nature and the world around her.

Diana Hrabosky

Colored pencil is my first love as a self-taught, relatively new artist. How fun that there is so much to learn!

Georgia Edwards

Soul Sound Creative. Canadian artist, exploring mediums and styles. I live to create. Reference courtesy of Karen Gilk.

Margaret Minardi

This work is from my White on White series. It explores the psyches of the students I have taught for the past 35 years.

Lisa Mills Fine Art

CPSA Signature artist Lisa Mills enjoys a variety of subjects from the dramatically lit to animals and birds.

Portraits und mehr Marion Reinke

German pet portrait artist working with coloured pencils and pastels.

Neha Subramaniam

Neha Subramaniam is a Signature Coloured Pencil artist of CPCAU. She teaches realistic watercolours and coloured pencil art.

Robin Rudolph

I love creating realistic work – portraits, flowers, animals, birds, still life. Commissions welcome.

Lily Bojko

I am a self-taught artist who uses several mediums. This year I am rediscovering the colored pencil. What a wonderful medium!

Elisabetta De Maria Artist

My world is made of pastel lines, layers of buttery mines that overlap to give shape to faithful hyperrealistic portrait.

Frances McMahon

Exquisitely detailed and original bird paintings. Painting and drawing since age five. Self taught. Prize-winning artist.

J.R. MacKenzie Studios

Aspiring to capture the design, truth, beauty, texture, color, soul, and stories of animals.

Chuck Trowbridge

I’m retired and started drawing with colored pencils a few years ago. Most of my drawings are of family pets mostly dogs.

P. Craig Ellertson

Wild places are rapidly disappearing. I hope through my art that I can help preserve these wild places.

Kuhlen, Nikolas

Professional wildlife artist from Germany, specialised in birds. Passionate about nature conservation.

Gabrielas Art

In my art I love to convey boldness, character and detail in depicting both living and inanimate subjects.

Lori Van Kirk Schue

Award winning artist and author. Illustrator, weaver, and Instructor for Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Quwatha Valentine

I draw portraits in colored pencil. My preference is old people who show character and life’s journey in their faces.

Cynthia Knox, CPSA

Full-time artist, workshop instructor, and author of instructional art books. I love to create and teach colored pencil art.

Dj Brown-Equine & Fine Art

Specializing in Equine Art originals and photography. Juried member of AAEA and ISS.

Tonya Whitney

 I am a native Vermont self-taught artist who creates realistic sometimes slightly surreal images of everyday objects.

Sylvie Talon

Dreamlike and hyperrealistic colored pencil drawings by a self taught french artist.

Danette Smith

I am a self taught artist who does realistic drawings using colored pencils and pyrography.

Sarah Bowsher

I am a part time artist who loves to find inspiration in the natural world that surrounds us.

Jocelyn Brandow

I specialize in photorealistic food and floral drawings in a wide range of sizes, including miniatures.

Mario González – Gozdrawing

I am a Colombian artist and my focus is realistic figurative work in colored pencil

Illustrations by Shannagh-leigh

Illustrations by Shannagh-leigh

Qualified artist and animator specialising in equine a pet portraiture using water soluble coloured pencils.


Loretta Allison

Loretta specializes in animal and pet portraits using colored pencils, graphite pencils, and oils.

Nancy Honaker

art is my passion, specializing in colored pencil, drawing whatever inspires me in the moment leaving endless possibilities.

Barbara J. Mason

Professional artist and instructor who specializes in colored pencil, pastel, still life and figurative realistic artwork

Amy Shulke – Vanilla Arts Co.

Illustration & Instruction. Colored pencil over watercolor or marker. Beginner to advanced online classes w/ private forums.

Jacqueline South

Jacqueline loves drawing all subjects including animals, buildings and people, using pencils, pastels and watercolours.

Margaret A. Trapnel

My passion is drawing animals, both wild and domestic. I am available to create pet portraits for lasting caring memories.


Gina Leone Fine Art

Gina is a Pratt Institute graduate who specializes in pastel and colored pencil portraits of animals.


Jason Bylsma

In my art I strive to achieve the illusion of reality.

Mark Menendez

I am a nationally recognized travel teaching color pencil artist, portraitist & illustrator with over 40 years of experience.

Patricia Gauss

I am a colored pencil artist in St. Petersburg, Florida. I enjoy drawing my interesting and unusual assortment of pets!

Silvia Frei

Professional pet portrait & wildlife artist based in southern Germany. I love capture animals in colored pencil.

Rev. Doretta C. Remy

Owner of the community art studio, Doretta’s Lair. Doretta’s passions are teaching art and creating colored pencil paintings.

Aurelia Chaintreuil

Working with colored pencils, graphite & pastel. Drawing human & animal portraits, still life, flowers…Taking commissions.


Susan Rubin

I am a contemporary botanical artist teaching classes and workshops and working in colored pencil since 1990.

Katie Toney

US pencil artist that specializes in drawing people and pet commissions.

Joanna Hill

Professional Artist and Private Art Teacher. My favorite mediums are colored pencil, oil paint, and gouache.

Silvia D’Almeida Art

Part time colored pencil artist who loves drawing portraits with realism. I like bringing to life the emotions of the subject.

Eleonora Tiberia

Self-taught, I started the colored pencil path less than two years ago. I live in central Italy with my two huskies.

Harriet Bevan

UK based colour pencil artist, specialising in cats.

Barbara Anne Hess

I am a self taught artist in colored pencils. My subjects are usually horses, cats, dogs and western themes.

Jennifer Slouha

Jennifer Slouha specializes in automotive artwork but also creates art in many other subjects.

Denise J Brown

Specialize in Equine Art – Recently accepted into the 2020 juried shows from the AAEA, original works are available. Dogs too!

Frank W. Xiong

A professional and self-taught colored pencil artist with a strong traditional Chinese culture background.

Vera Evseeva

Wildlife and domestic animal artist, work mostly in soft pastel. Open for commissions.

Shelby Lynne

Known for detailed portraits of pets and people, Shelby Lynne is passionate for colors and capturing a subject’s personality.

Rosie Michell

Constantly amazed and inspired by others. Am always challenging myself to learn and develop my art. Love drawing and doodling.

Megan Seiter

I specialize in colored pencil still life realism, building light layers of color in each drawing to add depth and luminosity

 Gloria Varela

I’m a recreational artist that works at an Elementary school in Chicago.

Kristin Yaremko

An aspiring colored pencil artist who mainly creates animal and human portrait drawings from reference.

Dianne Mayne Art

Passionate using colored pencil, graphite, pastel or charcoal in drawings and paintings with watercolors, acrylics and inks.


Wildlife and Feng Shui Artist/Photography. Everything in my line of vision I see art and color. Keep your life colorful.

Pearl de Chalain

Born in South Africa with a pencil in my hand, I enjoy the challenge of realism, capturing the essence of a subject.

Mindy Lighthipe

I am an artist who draws the beauty of nature. I work in colored pencil, watercolor, and printmaking. I teach online classes.

David Neace

I am a Master Colored Pencil artist and I do vintage cars, landscapes, reflections and trains.

Crystal Wolfe

Pet portrait artist turning your image into a colored pencil treasure. Contact me today via my website! Thank you!

April SunBurst

Fascinated by and dedicated to wildlife, pet and portrait. April Chan, I am a coloured pencils fine art pursuer from HongKong

Aura Skugariene

My passion is to draw people portraits. I like to experiment with colored pencils and other mediums.

Jean Reiter

I am a colored pencil artist who’s inspired by nature—my subjects are florals and animals.

Carol E Maltby CPSA

I have been using colored pencil exclusively for the last fifteen years,

John Guiseppi

I love to create, produce and share art that allows others a glimpse into that secret world of detail and color that I see.

Angeles Glick

Self-taught artist who works in watercolor, acrylics and colored pencils. Prefers animal/people portraits in colored pencil

Maria Villioti

Award winning realist painter working with colored pencils and graphite. She loves painting portraits and cityscapes.