If you have an idea for an article that you think we should publish, in COLORED PENCIL Magazine we’d love to know about it!

Make sure that your article would be of interest to our colored pencil artist audience and are not soley based on self-promotion. If you would like us to test and review your product, contact us at with “Product Review” in the subject line.

If you want to submit your work of art and story, visit the SHOW AND TELL submission page.

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Submit text as a .docx, or .txt file using a MS Word or similar program.

2 page article is approx. 350-500 words.
4-page article is approx. 700-1000 words.

All articles will be sent to our copy editors for review.

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Non-watermarked, 300 PPI (or 150 DPI) image files in .jpg, .tiff or .psd format.

Do not convert to CMYK.

The more images to choose from the better!

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As a courtesy, if your article is accepted and published we will send you a proof before it goes to print. This will give you an opportunity to make any last-minute corrections and feel confident that your article will be represented properly.

A complimentary digital issue will be sent to all contributors, allowing you to be among the first to view and promote it as well as a 20% discount code to purchase print copies at a discount. You will also be named in the credit section, at the beginning of the issue. In addition, your name and website (if applicable) will be included on your article page and we will link to your website when possible. Our digital issues are interactive to allow readers to visit your site with just a click! We also try to promote our articles across our social media sites to give you maximum exposure!

You can upload a single file to us here.