DRAW ALONG Pink Rose Class


Join Karissa Leigh on June 12th at 3pm ET for this LIVE class!
In this 2-hour class,  you will work together to render the Pink Rose from the Grizaye Kit: The Rose Collection. (Please pre-purchase your kit to draw along!)

Watch Karissa complete the entire rose while answering your questions. This session will be recorded so you can watch back. Post your finished image to our private Grizaye Art Facebook Group to share your artwork with everyone.



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Once you sign-up, you will be emailed before the class begins on June 12th with your exclusive link to join.

9 Suggested Colors - Prismacolor Premier:
Rosy Beige #1019, Deco Pink #1014, Pink Rose #1018, Scarlet Lake #923, Apple Green #912, Dark Green #908, Black #935, White #938, & Blender #1077

3 pm Eastern
2 pm Central
1 pm Mountian
12 pm Pacific
"She’s extremely kind, and I appreciate how well she responds to questions without making students feel unintelligent for asking them in the first place. She’s very attentive to her students, and she truly cares about her students’ happiness in her class. Karissa Leigh is willing to accept feedback and is open to learning and trying new things, which many instructors don’t really care enough about. She makes learning fun and enjoyable, and as someone with anxiety, I really appreciate that as well. She is absolutely wonderful, and she should definitely continue teaching more courses." - Student from Butterfly Grizaye Class (May 2021)


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