COLORED PENCIL Valentines Exchange is Closed!

UPLOAD DEADLINE: Monday 2/4/20

PARTICIPANTS Upload your Valentine Below!

It’s easy so hurry – just sign up now and then on Friday we will match you with someone in your country and email you their name and website (if applicable). This will help you get to know them a little and maybe even personalize their valentine.

Make it cute – make it serious – it’s up to you!

Next, use your colored pencils to create a valentine no smaller than 2.5×3.5″ (ATC size) by 2/4. As soon as you are done, take a photo, or scan it and upload to the bottom of this page to confirm that you complied and we will send you your recipient’s full shipping address and email. You must ship by Wednesday 2/5 in order to make sure that everyone gets their artwork before Valentine’s Day 2/14.

This exchange is open to adults worldwide but we must have at least one match from your country in order to send you a match. You can sign up for more than one but must ship one artwork for each sign-up. Finished images may be posted or published by COLORED PENCIL Magazine. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen artwork. By signing up, you are accepting any and all risks to your information and work. To help ensure your safety, we are requiring all participants to upload their completed artwork to prove they are legitimate artists before your complete information is provided to your match.

Calendar of Events

1/16: Last day to sign-up to participate.

1/17: Matches made – name and website of your recipient is sent to you.

2/4: Very last day to upload your finished art to receive your recipient’s address.

2/5: Required shipping deadline. You must have your art postmarked and on the way.

CONTACT US for further questions.