Participation in the COLORED PENCIL Magazine 2022 Valentine Art Exchange is easy and free!

What do you need to do?
Create a piece of art that will fit into a 5×7″ envelope.
Mail your art and a 5×7″ self-addressed envelope with two USPS 1st Class Stamps adhered to:

Attn: Valentine Exchange
PO Box 37
Alamance, NC 27201

Must be postmarked by January 1, 2022  Revised to January 14, 2022


Valentine's Exchange Example


Once we receive all the mail we will open envelopes by twos. We will take your art and place it in the envelope that is provided by your recipient. This way, you will get a valentine from the same person that will get yours!


We encourage you to include (only) your name and email on the back of your valentine (or inside, if it is a card) so you can contact one another.  Your address will NOT be shared with your recipient – we will use our address label in the return address area, to keep that information safe and confidential!


Send it up to 3 Valentines – each with their own 5×7″ return envelope and 2 stamps to make more art and friends this year!




USA Only. Must be 18+ to participate. By sending your art to us, we reserve the right to post/publish it on our website and/or in COLORED PENCIL Magazine with credit back to you. (We will include your name but not your email address.)We cannot guarantee receipt of mail and will not provide tracking or any information about the mail that you send or receive. As a courtesy, we ask that you email your Valentine to let them know you received their art. We are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen mail. Mail exchanges are done using the United States Postal Service with the postage that you provide, to and from valid continental USA addresses only, PO Boxes are acceptable. Mail that does not qualify, or is returned to us, will not be mailed back, and the sender will not be notified. All mail sent to us for the Valentine Art Exchange must be postmarked by 1/1/22, to be mailed by 2/1/22.