A quick solution for creating a high contrast composition.

Stage 1. A simple background gradation was made by applying charcoal pencil onto UART 500 sanded paper in its darkest area (moving from the upper left corner toward the bottom right corner) and spreading it with a large rounded sponge toward the light area. Then, Powder Blender was applied to the lightest area with a large rounded sponge and spread toward the dark area. Titanium White in its powdered form was applied on top of the Powder Blender layer and spread with a large rounded sponge toward the dark area. Both pigments were blended in between to create a seamless transition. This process literally took only a couple of minutes. The entire background was sprayed in a couple of light layers with our ACP Final fixative and allowed to dry completely.

Stage 2. The initial sketch was transferred onto the finished background with Saral White Transfer paper.

Stage 3. Titanium White was applied with a sponge applicator to the softer area of the feather in its powder form and blended with a short bristle brush. The core of the feather was covered with Titanium White mixed with Touch-Up Texture and applied with a thin paint brush. The thinner parts of the feather were reinforced with sharp Prismacolor Premier White colored pencil. Then, the entire piece was secured with a few light layers of ACP Final Fixative.

“White Feather” 10.5”x 7” colored pencil painting by Alyona Nickelsen.
It took no more than a couple of hours to create this piece using our Colored Pencil Powder Blender, ACP Final Fixative, Titanium White and Touch-Up Texture.

Tutorial & Artwork by Alyona Nickelsen

Watch the DEMO VIDEO by Martines Fine Art

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