Art Gear Reviews

NEW! Starting this year we have partnered with Ivor “Harry” Harrison, The Art Gear Guide
to bring our readers information and product reviews each month through print and video content!*



• What are these reviews?
These reviews range from detailed specifications about a product and the company behind them, to an honest look at how it performs.


• What does this mean to your company?
If your product is chosen for a review, your brand will be seen by tens of thousands of colored pencil artists and art lovers with cross-promotions from COLORED PENCIL Magazine and The Art Gear Guide in both print and video formats.


• What is The Art Gear Guide?
In just one year’s time, The Art Gear Guide’s YouTube channel has 22 videos with over 160,000 views and nearly 2,000 subscribers. This is a new and expanding resource for artists to tap when looking for comprehensive information on specific art supplies. TAGG specializes in reviewing products of interest to colored pencil artist on their YouTube channel, blog, and monthly column in the COLORED PENCIL Magazine.


• Who Is Harry?
“Guiding you through the art gear minefield”, Ivor Harrison, aka Harry, is a wounded war vet who decided to put himself back into service by working free for the art community, bringing amazing art reviews and personal commentary to his video posts. After getting an overwhelmingly positive response (and with the support of art companies and COLORED PENCIL Magazine), Harry has recently decided to rededicate himself to his craft by investing in high quality presentation tools, as well as using the disciplines learned in the service to conduct the most thorough investigations into each product to build a trusted name.


• How can your company get involved?
Although it is a privilege to review your products, we can only highlight one item a month. It takes a lot of effort to get these reviews ready for both video and print.
To increase your chances of a review – send Harry your product!

The Art Gear Guide
Attn: Ivor Harrison
26 Oak Avenue
The Woodlands
Durham, DH1 2ET
United Kingdom

If we select your art product to review and feature we will ask a few things from you . . .
1. We would need a second sample to be sent to CPM for side-by-side in-house testing.
2. We would love to have you provide a few smaller sets/samples for our readers to win so they too can experience them. This will also allow us to further promote your brand and help create a buzz.
3. We suggest that you place an ad in the follow month’s issue for a greater impact.


• Want just a video of your product(s)?
Harry is happy to offer his services to create a 30 – 60 second commercial of your product without commentary.
Contact us at for pricing!


*Disclosure: COLORED PENCIL Magazine is an acting agent for The Art Gear Guide in a working partnership to create video and print art product reviews. All inquiries of services must be directed through COLORED PENCIL Magazine. All reviews are promoted in COLORED PENCIL Magazine, on The Art Gear Guide’s YouTube channel & blog, and our combined social media outlets. © 2017 Platte Productions, LLC.