To bring our readers the latest in art news and products, our In the Spotlight article highlights items through product images, technical information provided by the brand, illustrated artwork, and video links in both print and digital formats.

• How much does it cost to be In the Spotlight?
Nothing – it’s free! Of course, it may be helpful to have your product in hand for photos and better descriptions. A sample of your product would be required if a video is to accompany the article, but may not be needed to be featured.

• Is this a review of our product?
We do not think of these as reviews as we do not give an opinion on products but try to present facts about the item such as technical specs, its specialties, how / why it was made, price, where to purchase/find out more information and the like.

• What does this mean to my company?
If your product is selected to be In the Spotlight, your brand will be seen by tens of thousands of colored pencil artists and art lovers with cross-promotions from COLORED PENCIL Magazine.

  • Seen in both print & digital formats
  • Links to your website and/or social media
  • Linked to YouTube video (created by you or us)
  • Promoted on our website here
  • Posted on our social media channels

• Can we view the article before it goes to print?
In the Spotlight articles are not advertisements or endorsements and are created with the sole discretion of COLORED PENCIL Magazine. Although we prefer to work with brands to make sure our information is correct, we are under no obligation for any pre-approvals or proofs. Please feel free to send us any spec sheets and/or product images, but the use of such is up to our designers and editors.

How can we take full advantage of this opportunity?
If your item is selected to be In the Spotlight, we have found that doing a simple giveaway can really help get more views, social media shares, and interest in your product.

If you have something you can include free in the print issue, providing a sample of your product to our most serious colored pencil artists, is sure to push your sales and further the excitement for your item!

You will find further success keeping the momentum going by scheduling an advertisement the following month!

• How can my company get involved?
Just send us information about the product that you would like to see In the Spotlight. If we select it, we may request additional information and stock images. In order to take additional pictures, testing, and video, a sample would be required.

Send your product to:

Attn: Ed Robertson
PO Box 37
Graham, NC 27201

For more, contact:
Ed Robertson
Director of Advertising and Marketing


Disclaimer: COLORED PENCIL Magazine makes no claims or guarantees of sales, views, or success of any item featured In the Spotlight or is part of any giveaway, sample, or featured in an advertisement.