This is my last personal back-to-school season as my oldest enters her Senior year. Even if you don’t have any students yourself, it is still a time of getting back to the drawing board as fall settles in. To help with your instruction we have great sketchbook exercises from Barb Sotiropoulos and a fantastic succulent workshop to get your artistic juices flowing.

Voted one of your favorite instructors, artist Lisa Ann Watkins shares with you how and why she started incorporating PanPastels into her colored pencil work. Recently she was invited by Colorfin to design a custom set. Check out PanPastel’s new Artist’s Signature Kit: Animal Art with Lisa, in the Spotlight section. PanPastel was generous enough to send us 4 sets to give away – before they even hit store shelves!

Other articles include emotional stories from two artists. Hovey Eyres expresses her feelings through her brilliant double exposure pieces, as Marta Oliehoek renders dolls that reveals a deeper meaning behind their lonely portraits. Be sure to check out the relevant charity on the Art Challenge page.

Our featured artist is ChuChu Cao. I recall watching her progress of the cover art “Dolly and Me” every day on Instagram and was amazed by her skill and patience as she worked, so I am especially thrilled to introduce her this month to all of you. I know you will fall in love with her art, whose main focus is on the human face.

Please show your support of ChuChu with your purchase of the limited edition 4×6” print, only available in our online
shop at:

One of my objectives in making these prints available is to have artists collect work from other artists. Recently, on our Facebook page, I asked you to share your store links. After purchasing from a few of you, I was instantly hooked on collecting colored pencil prints and wanted you to experience that feeling too. If we sell enough, we will strive to offer a print each month from our featured artists, if not, this will likely be the last.

Other giveaways include; our awesome book of the month below, the doll from our Art Challenge, and PopColors is giving you some really fun, novelty colored pencils that are sure to put a smile on your face. Check them out in the
Sketchbook section.

Save the date! Join us this Friday the 13th for fun, games and prizes.

Sally Robertson
Editor-in Chief