Hello again. It’s time for a new issue, hot off the press! We get started by showcasing some of your art spaces. It is always fun to see where you create your masterpieces, whether it is a nook in your dining room or an elaborate studio. Next, we get a quick lesson from Andy Fish, the author of our Book of the Month Mastering Perspective.

Most artists have a social media page either on Facebook or Instagram, and there is nothing like seeing your followers grow. Sema Martin gives you her best tips to see those numbers climb and transfer them into sales.

I love the relaxing imagery from award-winning artist Carol E Maltby. Read how she advances her art and learn what materials she works with to achieve her amazing results.

Following is Mandy Peltier, who will show you how to create a dozen eggs in a bowl, as she lays out in detail each step. For this tutorial, Mandy uses the LuxArtchival paper, so to learn more about this exciting new surface is the creator herself, Alyona Nickelsen giving you the inside scoop on how it came to be. You will also get a chance to see how three artists use this sanded surface to create with different mediums and methods.

I want to invite you to participate in our November Art Challenge. We want to make sure this is a feature that you’d like us to continue in 2021, so if you’ve never done it, not only will you find it rewarding, but you will enjoy the community over on our Flickr page as you watch other artists working on the same piece. The artists there are warm and friendly and would love to help you if you have questions on anything. Don’t forget there is $300 in prizes from Jerry’s Artarama to sweeten the pot!

We are so excited to launch another Grizaye kit before Christmas. Our “Pretty Kitty” painting kit is great for beginners and would make a fantastic gift. We have free downloads, including step-by-step images from Sarah Coghan, and you can sign-up to win it this month – learn more at www.paintwithpencils.com.

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Stay safe and well, and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with loved ones. 

Sally Robertson