Animal lovers, this one’s for you! We have incredible animal portraitist Shay Melia of Shaymus Art as our featured artist, who shares his tools of the trade with us and more. If that wasn’t enough, we brought in more experts, such as Lisa Hartel, to closely examine feet, paws, and hooves and how each type is rendered. Also here to give you some incredible tips is professional artist Ruby Welstead. 

Check out the excerpt from Quarto’s book of the month, Drawing Animals, for some great techniques on dog and cat fur and features. As always, if you are a subscriber, you are automatically signed up to win or use the link to grab it now.

Elisabetta De Maria is back again as our guest instructor with her workshop creating this sweet stretching cat in pastel. Download the line art, material list, and photo to follow along.

If you are itching to get outside and draw, first read Mandy Peltier’s Q&A on Urban art.

We love having our readers share with the group, so look to our Show & Tell, Art Room Spring Cleaning, and Gallery sections for fantastic art and stories. Look for ways to submit throughout this issue and on our website, and maybe we will see you in the next one!

Reminder, you still have one month left to enter the Monochromatic Art Challenge and win some of the $1,300 in prizes from Jerry’s Artarama. Enter before June 1st at

Best to you and happy drawing!

Sally Robertson


August 2022
August Issue

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