I hope this is a lucky month for you; we sure feel lucky to have such outstanding contributors, especially our featured artist Nancy Jacey who brings you brilliant color and content all in one article.

The Local Love Art Challenge sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama is finally complete, and the winners are simply stunning! View the art and why judge Maria Deely chose the top pieces in each category. If you couldn’t enter, we have another challenge ready for you. It is our Monochromatic Challenge. Use one color family in colored pencils to win some of the $1,300 in prizes. You have until June 1st to enter.

Have you ever wanted to create a sticker from your artwork? Jess Oxley shows you how it’s done and how you can use them to spruce up your packages, letters, cards, and more.

Next, Madalyn McLeod demonstrates how to use gouache and other mixed media with colored pencils to push your creativity to its limits.

If you’ve been on the fence about creating a website for your art, Mandy Peltier gives you six reasons to go for it!

For our Quarto Book of the Month, we have a publication by Erin McManness titled 15-Minute Drawing showing you that just a few minutes a day can help you grow as an artist, starting with creating an adorable house.

Let’s welcome back Marcello Barenghi as our Workshop Series instructor. You may recognize him from the February issue as the first listed of the YouTubers we love, with nearly 3 million followers! There is a reason so many subscribe to his channel – he is just mind-blowing, and as we said earlier, we are lucky this March and get to follow along as he creates a pair of scissors.

Last, we have a new Grizaye Drawing Kit: Colorful Glass. It is really fun, and we know you will improve your art quickly with this one. Look for the Draw-Along class by Karissa Leigh on 3/1. I humbly thank you for your ongoing support of our new brand. Even if you haven’t purchased, I appreciate your patience while we promote our products. It is helping our small operations to keep going month after month. Visit our new website for exclusive offers and products at www.grizaye.com.

Sally Robertson


August 2022
August Issue