This lovely cover art belongs to our very talented featured artist Erin Breneman. You will love viewing her centerfold garden gallery as she shares her process and background inside.

We continue our nature walk with the stunning work of Jennifer Morrison. She is here to help you improve your own botanical art by focusing on textures. She not only gives you breathtaking examples but some outstanding tips.

Next, if you are online, you have probably experienced that top-of-the-world feeling of gaining followers, only to lose some without knowing why. Barb Sotiropoulos explains what is happening and helps you troubleshoot the problem.

For this month’s workshop, we have Mandy Peltier taking you through the steps to create a ripened banana. If you enjoyed last month’s cupcake lesson by Matt Fussell then you will have the edge on the July’s cupcake Art Challenge.

Whether you draw people or animal portraits you are sure to learn something from one of Catie Sheeran’s five tips for drawing hair.

Blackwing is back – this time for a mini spotlight of their highly-praised 602 graphite pencil. If you haven’t tried them, we are giving away four sets. You could win an entire box of 12, along with a fantastic two-step sharpener. Visit to sign up!

We are getting a lot of questions about our new 2020 Look Book, so let me explain it a little more. Each month we spend a lot of time scouting online and always wanted to put together an internal directory of colored pencil artists. We realized that it would also be useful for the art companies, collectors, and clients that ask us for referrals, as well as a way for artists to discover each other. Our goal is to distribute this everywhere, to help you get seen! This book is for beginners and pros alike so if you use colored pencils, we want you to join in.

I am excited to report the Look Book has already helped at least four artists get jobs! Get a basic online, digital, and print listing starting at $25 – it includes an interactive PDF, a free entry into the Annual Art Competition ($10 value), and available in print with NO mark-up. Get listed, get noticed now thru 2020.

Remember – it is your participation that determines if the contests, giveaways, and events are worth continuing so please join in and help us grow the colored pencil community!

Sally Robertson
Editor-in Chief

Thank you to this month’s sponsors:

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