This month’s issue is an illustrator’s delight. We have a wonderful featured artist in Julia Emar who takes candid photos and turns them into memorable works of art. Another fabulous illustrator joins in – Becky Gehrisch, with a lesson on painting with colored pencils.

But first, we start with a great excerpt from Helen Wells’ new book Expressive Sketchbooks where you will read about the joy of drawing. If you are a print or digital subscriber, you are already signed up to win this book. It is also available for 30% off with an exclusive code, see the article for more details.

Next, Jennifer Morrison guides you step-by-step to creating a single lovely tulip in our Workshop Series.

In the Spotlight, we have Koh-I-Noor’s new In & Out Pages. These are so great because you can take pages out of other In & Out artists papers to create your own mixed book! They also have an awesome liner template in their journal book that Chartpak has specially paired with their Colored Pencil pad for you to win throughout April. Visit our Giveaway Blog for more information on this and all our free stuff!

We are so grateful to have art experts chime in on how they choose their subjects in the Q&A section, and Lori Fuller shares her struggles to help you develop your style by growing through discomfort.

This year we hosted our first ever Valentines Exchange and wanted to show off some of the chain, with a link to all the entries. We really had fun with it and hope to do another art exchange in the future. Maybe this will help you decide if you’d like to get involved with the next one.

I see a lot of frustrated artists that want to get work but can’t seem to get a steady flow of jobs. Visit some of the reasons I list on why you might not be getting commissions, while others seem to fill their calendars.

This is our 100th Art Challenge! I felt it was time to make it a little tougher and give you two subject matters – a couple of laughing boys I photographed a few years back. It’s an adorable photo and I think our featured artist will inspire you through it. Not only can you win some of the $300 in prizes in 3 categories sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama, but if you tag us in your work-in-progress, or finished piece, on Instagram with #coloredpencilmagazine we will share you in our story!

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