We are collecting cards for the elderly in nursing homes who are unable to have visitors due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you would like to participate, send a colorful card with an encouraging note, poem, joke – anything to make them smile and know they are loved!

I got an email from Kris Rezin from Snow Camp, NC who invited me to work with her on this project that came from her heart. She has a daughter that is an art student who suggested that if you can create a simple image over and over, that would be great as they will not see each other’s cards. We are looking for as many as you can send and can be done on a piece or half piece of folded paper. Anything that you want to say that you feel would lighten their spirits would be wonderful!

If you are including an additional card envelope, please do not seal, nor lick any outside envelope that requires moisture to seal – simply use a bit of water. All cards will be pre-approved before sending them.

Kris will be collecting these from us on 5/19 to distribute to nursing homes that need them.

No Commitment, No Sign-Up, Just Send.


Send to:

Drawn Together Project
PO Box 37
Alamance, NC 27201

 This is open to anyone in the world that wants to participate. We welcome you to share this with any group or person that would be interested. No age limit so get your kids involoved – children’s art is THE BEST!

Thank you  in advanced for your time and giving of your artistic gift!

Any questions can be directed to contact@coloredpencilmag.com 


 Thank you to all the artist that contributed to the Drawn Together Project!
Together we had 72 cards that were sent out Monday 5/19.

Corinne Barnhill
Sandra Osborn
Kathi Smith
Silvana Vargas
Melita Diehl
Dorthy Lee
Barbara Kiehm
Judy Frideil
Karissa Leigh
Starr Da Mauer
and Kris Rezin for making this happen!