Collab Projects

Project 2: “Playing Cards”

Status: Completed
Total Participants: 9

Project #2 "Playing Cards"

Poster: $9.99

Project 2 Poster

18×12″ Double-Sided

Artwork by:

Maryvetteliz Crespo Terry Mellway
Ann O’Connell Joy Redington
Kiara Crespo Elena Magdalinova
Tess Lee miller Sally Robertson
Unmask Art

Project 1: “Carnation Collaboration”

Status: Completed
Total Participants: 9



Poster:  $9.99*

Project 1 Poster

18″12″ Double-Sided
Limited Time Offer
*All profits to go to The Colored Pencil Project Charity

Artwork by:

Ritu Bajaj Shawna Shoaf
Louise Nylander Maryvetteliz Crespo
Unmask Art Pringle Poirot
MaryJane Sky Tess Lee miller
Kristie Withrow