Next Deadline: CLOSED

Each week in June we will post a question based on an article in the June issue. Once you locate the answer, enter it below. We will randomly select a winner from correct entries, posted by the deadline, to receive Blackwing’s new 12 piece  set of Colored Pencils! Enter weekly to win. You can only win once in this giveaway! Prizes must be sent to valid US addresses.

Giveaway Question #1 (CLOSED)

In the June issue, Kim Haskell teaches a faux tutorial using what word?

Answer: Galaxy
Winner: srapnshoot*********

Giveaway Question #2 (CLOSED)

Allan Barbeau talks about his journey combining colored pencil with what other medium?

Answer: Ballpoint Pen
Winner: Chypit********

Giveaway Question #3 (CLOSED)

In 2017, our featured artist Patricia Otero had 6 of what breed of dog?

Answer: Jack Russell Terrier
Winner: Msbreeda*************

Giveaway Question #4 (CLOSED)

Blackwing pencils were originally introduced by Eberhard Faber Company in ____________.

Answer: The 1930’s (1934)
Winner: Homaee**************