March is the month for good luck and to make sure that luck is on your side we are starting things off with a little free gold! We are excited to have art company June Gold provide you with a sample of our Spotlight item – their colored mechanical pencil, inside the USA print issue. After testing similar products we felt this one rose to the top with an impressive performance – we think you will agree.

Test your luck by joining us on Facebook on Friday the 13th for a chance to win cool art prizes by playing games. A new winner is selected every 10 minutes from 12-2 pm EST, sponsored by Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. A guaranteed good time! Register here.

At the end of our rainbow, you will also find a chance to win our Quarto Book of the Month, 100 Realistic Animals by Melissa Washburn. Read an excerpt and follow her illustrated exercise inside this issue. Also in our prize pot, is Faber-Castell’s new kids kit How to Draw Faces, as seen in the Sketchbook section. Sign up by 3/31 to win. Visit our website for details on all our giveaways at

Some previous featured artists were gracious enough to share their expertise with you on protecting your colored pencil pieces in the March Q&A.

We are so proud to display some of the work from the 19 artists who completed every single art challenge last year. That is a lot of work, so kudos to you all!

Donn Cellano will amaze you with his work on acrylic. Not only is his artwork brilliant but it literally lights up! See how he does it then get additional tips in Barbara Bordelon’s article on getting colored pencil on glass. She shares her secrets for the first time with you!

It is so fun to see the comparison of Carolin Behnke’s art to the photo reference. She doesn’t claim to have the only method for drawing but gives you her tips on creating fur and more. Be sure to take the Workshop by our amazing guest instructor Ekaterina Putyatina. It is such a privilege to have her teach this “Berries with the Basics” class. Get your primary colors, plus black and white and get to work!

UK featured artist Sophie Fois has a love for art and animals and it shows. She shares her experience working as a pet portrait artist, along with her method and materials, plus a beautiful gallery of her favorite pieces.


Be sure to visit us on Facebook to share your artwork every weekend and especially for our Friday the 13th event!

Sally Robertson