October is a magical time of year. We love celebrating its unique elements, as you will see with our amazing Featured Artist illustrator Julia Griffin, who’s work is inspired by folklore and fairytales, She is an expert on telling a story with her imagery, and I know you will enjoy her article and art.

First, we begin with an impressive artist, scientist, and animal advocate Isabella Mandl with her nod to nocturnal animals. Mandy Peltier provides you with an essential list of supplies to take with you on your next trip, and then we have some readers’ stories behind their art.

Next, we have Susan Rubin as our guest instructor with a beautifully simple white daisy on toned paper. Our excerpt from new Quarto book 101 Super Cute Things to Draw by Lauren Bergstrom includes four adorable step-by-steps that will perfectly embellish a Halloween card or goodie bag!

Check out our gallery for more autumn art by readers like you. Post on our Facebook page each weekend to have your art scouted for the next Latest & Greatest. Last, we have the enchanting world of Wim Verhelst to invoke your imagination and spark creativity.

I am excited to announce a new Art Challenge titled Local Love. Let’s see your tribute pieces to where you live. It can be anything unique to your area – a monument, your house, garden, state bird – anything goes. It just has to be done specifically for this challenge and in at least 80% colored pencil. Visit www.coloredpencilmag.com/challenge to learn more. Judged by the talented Maria Deely (July 2022 Featured Artist). The deadline is January 1st, so get started before the holidays take over your life.

Below is also a reminder of the 2022 Inktober. It is a great event that takes place all over social media, and I think you will have fun posting and seeing others’ artwork related to the calendar day, as posted below. Use hashtag #inktober2022 when you post and search to see all the contributions.

Happy Halloween!

Sally Robertson

August 2022
August Issue