What a fun issue we have for you this month! We are featuring one of the most incredible pet portrait artists in the world. Meet Patricia Otero from Spain, she creates massive pieces of artwork with amazing life-like detail. 

We also have Allan Barbeau, who has chosen one of the most unforgiving mediums to work with – ballpoint pen. Combining pen with colored pencils is not something you see every day, so we are grateful for him to share his insight to inspire you to give it a try.

Getting better reference photos is something most of us strive for. Barb Sotiropoulos helps answer a readers question on the subject and explains how you can get better images to work from. 

As fans of Blackwing graphite pencils, we rushed to test their new line of colored pencils as soon as we heard about them. Although there are only 12 colors right now, you will find they have a softness that is like butter! Read more, watch the video, and learn how you can win one of the 4 sets they are giving to our readers.

We asked on our Facebook page for you to share your experience of giving away your art and received some amazing stories. We know you will be interested to find out what made these artists part with their hard work. 

In this month’s workshop, Matt Fussell takes time away from his online school at www.thevitualinstructor.com to walk you step-by-step through creating a yummy pink cupcake. Download the line art, reference photo, and supply list to follow along!

I have always loved hand lettering and found the most amazing person to introduce it to you – Kim Haskell. She teaches at Skillshare, so after you read her article, and follow a beginners tutorial, hop over there and take a class from her!

If you have a little time this summer, use my carousel photo to enter our Monthly Art Challenge for a chance to win some $300 in e-gift certificates from Jerry’s Artarama. Entering also shows our sponsor that you want to keep this going – so get involved!

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As always, we appreciate all your continued support month after month!

Sally Robertson