The theme this month is landscapes – it is one of those subject matters that we don’t see as frequently in colored pencils compared to other mediums. I suspect the reason is colored pencil’s reputation for being a slow medium, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With the introduction of pastels, solvents, and underpaintings, you can work quite quickly to fill in large areas and create beautiful glowing pieces. Please don’t take it from me; learn from the experts in this issue featuring Pauline Clay who’s farmscapes and more, sets the mood for perhaps trying something new.

But first, if you’ve been thinking about monetizing your skills by sharing your knowledge with others, Mandy Peltier gives you some things to consider as you start your journey to becoming a great art instructor.

Next, Dave Porter will inspire you to look at colored pencils in a whole new light with his “Painting Trees over Sky” tutorial. Our Quarto Book of the Month is appropriately titled Drawing: Landscapes by William F. Powell. This excerpt on drawing practice includes straightforward advice to get you started.

We hope you enjoy our new “Show and Tell” section with works from Amy Cocanour and Catherine Raef-Dunnigan. Submit your art and the story behind it for a chance to be seen in a future issue.

Judith Shepelak proves that landscapes are only limited by your imagination as she pushes the boundaries in her abstract artwork. Following this is Karen M. Berisford who brings you an abstract in nature with her Northern Lights workshop.

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We can’t wait to see what you create this Spring!

Sally Robertson


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