Each month COLORED PENCIL Magazine provides an amazing photo for you to create your own colored pencil work of art. Enter before the deadline to be eligible to win some great prizes in beginner and advanced categories. We’d love for you to take an expired challenge, to learn or for fun, and share your results on our Flickr page!

View all the current and past challenges here: www.coloredpencilmag.com/challenge

Challenge Rules & Agreement

By submitting your artwork to the COLORED PENCIL Magazine Art Challenge Flickr page you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following rules, terms, and conditions.

Challenge for colored pencil artists and aspiring artists to compete in and grow from monthly, copyright-free images for a chance to win one of three prizes totaling $300 in eGift Certificates from Jerry’s Artarama!

Monthly contests end on the 10th of each month and are announced, on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/coloredpencimagazine, typically on the 12th of the month or following Monday if the 10th falls on a weekend. Challenges can be found in our monthly publication and on our website at: www.coloredpencilmag.com/challenge

The CPM Art Challenge is sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama for the year of 2017. Prizes are awarded as non-transferable eGift Certificates to be used at www.jerrysartarama.com website. It is winners responsibility to provide accurate and necessary information when claiming their prize or it may be forfeited.

Advanced* – Prize: $150 eGift Certificate to Jerry’s Artarama
Beginner* – Prize: $100 eGift Certificate to Jerry’s Artarama
Random – Prize: $50 eGift Certificate to Jerry’s Artarama

*Winning artwork will be seen on our Facebook page and in our Publication. (If you are the winner of the January Art Challenge your art will be in the May issue)

Random prize winner is selected by random.org from each month’s qualified entries.

Let me preface this with the fact that there are different ways to do this and your screen may look different depending on the version and device you are viewing on.

• Make sure that you have a Flickr account. You will not be able to submit or view all images without doing this.
• Click on the Cloud with Arrow, located on the top black bar (to the right next to the bell), to Upload an image to your Photostream.
• Add a title and in the description add your Name and Category (Beginner or Advanced)
• Be sure that your image is set to VIEWING PRIVACY>PUBLIC.
• Select “Add to group” on the right side and Search CPM Art Challenge or Go to our group page www.flickr.com/groups/cpmchallenge or select “Add Photo” to the Photo Pool.
• You are done! We will add a  confirmation “Thank you” message, right before judging begins.
• View winners at www.coloredpencilmag.com/challenge

Advanced has one or more of the following . . .

• 2 or more years of having colored pencils as a main focus of your artwork
• Working as an artist and/or make money from your artwork
• Received high accolades, recognition, or awards for your colored pencil artwork
• Have given instruction to others through publications, blogs, video, or art classes
• Have won in the Beginner Challenge once.

NOTE: If you are already rockin’ this medium, even if after a short time, please put yourself in the Advanced section to give true beginners a chance to compete among themselves!

Challenge is open internationally to all ages parental consent may be required to claim prizes)

• Work must be done in 80% colored pencil. 20% can be any other medium.

Note: Our definition of colored pencil in its simplest form is 1) it must be a pencil and 2) it must be pigmented. This means we include pastel, ink, watercolor, wax, and oil-based pencils! This does NOT include chalks or sticks towards the 80%.

• Flickr limits 3 entries/posts per account, per month. Each entry must be an original. (two entries = two different pieces) No work-in-progress or crops are permitted as extras. This would unfairly add to the number of entries – increasing odds for a random prize.

• Your piece must be at least 25% (of the photo) complete to enter but must have enough done to recognize the reference. Intentional scribbles, non-related art, past artwork, and “joke” entries will be discarded without notice.  Only one incomplete entry per person. Cropping for composition is acceptable as long as you still finish 25% of the photo.

• Posted work must be “family friendly” – no nudity or vulgarity. Entries we deem in violation will be deleted at our discretion without notice.

• Artwork must be uploaded and posted to our group page by the 10th of the qualifying month by midnight EST, unless otherwise posted.

• Images must represent the actual artwork as much as possible. Photoshop usage must be limited to color corrections to match original work and cannot be used for manipulations, clean-up, or corrections of your artwork.

• You can take as much liberty with our photo as you like but we MUST be able to identify our image as unique. Example, if our challenge photo is a butterfly, you cannot use any image of a butterfly or use any butterfly you drew. Additions are acceptable but we will not consider those added elements when judging.

• Artwork must include your Name, and Category or you will be judged in the Advanced category without consent.

• Artwork must be placed in the proper category. If in doubt, place yourself in Advanced.

• We prefer that you post the size and materials used and any other details you’d like to share. If entry is brought into question, we may require more information about your artwork, including materials and methods used.

• Winners are contacted via their submitted Flickr account thru private message. To claim your prize, winners have 7 days to submit a non-watermarked, high resolution (300 ppi) image along with name and email for prize to be sent to.

• You can only win prizes in the judged categories 3 times in any 12 month period and only once a calendar year for the Random prize. There are no limits to Honorable Mentions.

• Prize-winning artists are eliminated from the random drawing for the month that they are awarded. Artists who are Honorable Mentions are included in the random pool.

• You can only win 1 time in the Beginner Category before getting bumped to the Advanced.

• You can move to the Advanced Category at anytime but you cannot go back to the Beginner once you have entered in the Advanced.

Judging is done by the COLORED PENCIL Staff. We understand that this is a subjective area but to help you understand what we are looking for when we choose our winners, here are the following criteria we use. First and foremost, we are looking at rendering skills. This includes proportion, values, and hue. We are also looking at composition and creativity. Don’t get your feelings hurt – we may absolutely love your creative work more than another but will still choose the one we think is the best rendered. Creativity definitely plays a role when there is a tie and when selecting our Honorable Mentions.

The number Honorable Mentions varies each competition due to total entries and close ties.

Content submitted may appear in COLORED PENCIL Magazine’s publication(s), website page and or social media sites with credit given to submitting artist without any transfer of rights belonging to the artist. All photo reference photos are copyright released only to artists that are using it to create colored pencil original artwork. The photograph itself belongs to its respective photographer and has been used with full consent and written permission when applicable.

We reserve the right to remove files from our page without prior notice.

Complete all the year’s COLORED PENCIL Monthly Art Challenges, with at least 25% completion by their respective deadlines, to win a 1-year digital subscription. Send an email to contact@coloredpencilmag.com with a link to your Flickr account showing all 12 challenge entries, along with the email address you would like your issues sent by February 10th. It is your responsibility to claim your prize as WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU first.

WARNING: Anyone that is found to violate these rules to win will be banned from future Art Challenges as well as our annual Art Competition!

Last Updated: 06/16/18